The Come-Back of the ’70s (or is it We Are Going Back?)

The outfits above have just been shown at Milan Fashion Week and are part of Prada‘s collection for A/W 2015/16.  It couldn’t be said they are very reminiscent of the ’70s, for their category is quite their own, always extremely original, matching styles and colors in a rather unique way, perhaps not always to everyone’s […]
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WIN a custom iPhone cover by artist Elliott Nimmo

Sydney artist Elliott Nimmo cooked up a mean serving of citrussy chic at his latest solo art show, HyperSigns. Last week, we took an artsy adventure inside the brain of the artist himself by visiting his HyperSigns exhibition. Pop-hued and iconographic, the exhibited paintings constitute a visual bridge between the worlds of fashion and advertising. Art and industry, as conceptualised in Nimmo’s […]
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Tommy Hilfiger Solar Powered Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger is selling a unique jacket for men and women for the cold winter months. It’s designed to keep you warm and your phone fully charged at all times. The jacket itself is using the new flexible solar panel screens which are waterproof, however the provide low efficiency and therefore Hilfiger needed to add […]
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Fashion Rules or Old Wives’ Tales?

On the right, you can see an interesting example of “rules” from Japan on “wafuku” i.e. Japanese combinations, as opposed to “yofuku” which are color matches in western fashion….you can read more about it in the author’s very interesting blog. Still, that is not perhaps entirely the issue, for we have been expected to follow […]
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China Starts Using 3D Dressing Rooms

In Hangzhou Jiebai Shopping Plaza, a shopper is trying on clothes in front of a mirror; but instead of actually putting the clothes on, the customer simply uses a wave of her hand to choose virtual clothing that scrolls in the mirror. “It is a novel experience for me. I can firstly see how the […]
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When tech meets fashion – EuroScientist Webzine

During the past decades, the merging of science and technology with fashion has shifted to a new dimension as electronic devices are now being integrated into clothes. This could be perceived as an exciting progress, as technology converges with fashion. But there are a number of issues outstanding on the privacy of people wearing such […]
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First Sign Technologies Headband – A Body Security System

First Sign Technologies presented their new safety device First Sign Headband and Hair Clip to GamerFitNation during CE Week. The wearable safety technology is an automatic body security system intended to monitor if the user is afflicted by a violent crime. Rachel Emanuele, co-founder of First Sign Technologies, shares that the headband and hair clip are […]
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Glagla Digitsole, Keeping Feet Warm and Fit

For those who live in colder regions in the world, it can be a bit harder to keep up with fitness goals. Snow and cold weather make getting outside to walk around the neighborhood or even making it out to clear off the car so you can drive to the gym a frigid hassle. The […]
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360Fashion Network Exhibition at MEF Party MWC 2015

Barcelona, Spain – 360Fashion Network join together with MEF, Mobile Entertainment Forum, to showcase the latest fashion technology. 360Fashion Network will create an exhibition of wearable fashion technology along with a fashion presentation of laser dresses and the Robotic dress created by Michal Starost and technician Bruce Bateman. The exhibition and presentation will take place […]
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Dress Your Face: Mermaid Makeup

Welcome to our brand spankin’ new Dress Your Face beauty series! In these posts, we will be bumping up the beauty factor with a series of fresh makeup looks, simple tutorials and sneaky product reviews. And what better way to start than by breaking down a mermaid-inspired makeup look! Here’s how we did it: {Eyes} To create aquatic eye makeup, you’re going to need […]
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