Razer’s New Wearable Device

This week is turning into a notable one for wearable devices thanks to a couple of announcements out of Asia. First, Xiaomi announced plans for a device that will retail for just $13, a truly new low pricepoint for the genre, and now Razer is revealing that its upcoming new product will integrate messaging app WeChat.(...)
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Blue Ant PUMP HD Sportsbuds

Blue Ant has today announced that its HD Sportsbuds headphones are available in the UK, having first gone on sale in the US earlier in the year. With the promise of  ‘wireless’ in-ear buds we wouldn’t have to take out from the start of a training session until stepping out of the shower, we decided a quick(...)
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Vuzix and Lenovo to Launch M100 Smart Glasses in China

While Google Glass is only available to purchase in the US and the UK, video eyewear specialist Vuzix is hoping to gain a foothold in China with a similar head-mounted wearable. The company is partnering with Lenovo to launch its M100 smart glasses in the region. They’ll be marketed exclusively by the giant laptop and(...)
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Skating on Your Arduino Board

Skateboarding is a lifestyle which encompasses a certain streetwear style. So why not design you own skateboard to match your personal look? This must be super popular in Atlanta right next to the low riding boom basting lit up cars. Of course those cars are a bit gangster style, and have nothing to do with(...)
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Personalized 3D Printed Ring

As technological advances strive for a universal presence, the personal aspect in wonderfully creative individuals springs into action with heart-strumming results. While customizable 3D printed jewellery becomes increasingly commonplace in its manufacturing process, individuals like Alwin Wong take it upon themselves to add their personal effort and purpose to a piece as intimate as an(...)
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Will Fashion Designers Jump onto the Amazon 3D Printing Marketplace?

With Amazon opening up the possibility to have an on-demand market place for 3D Printed goods, fashion designers, industrial designers, and enthusiasts can jump on board with their creations. But will the branding keep them from attracting the Phillip Stark’s of this world? Mashable reports: Amazon has always been an on-demand marketplace of sorts; it(...)
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3D Body Scanning for Measurement – GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show

How we shop the web will be radically changed as we add our body measurements to our personal profiles. There will no longer be S, M, L — all different brand style standards. We will only have ONE size, our size, or our perfect fit size no matter if we are a Small in Vero Moda, and(...)
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Cabana Banana: Sneakypeek x Strange Vixens

Come on in- the water is fiiiine! Grab your mojitos and start slapping away those mosquitos- summer is coming down under, and we’ve got the perfect pick for your poolside wardrobe. We’ve been cooking up some projects with our friends at Strange Vixens recently, including this badass shoot featuring one of our fave designs by the(...)
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Solar Powered Clothing – GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show

Models walking on the catwalk begin to slow down as the power is drained from their clothing through the activity and their gadgets loose battery strength. The idea of solar powered clothing is not new, but no one has yet made anything that can harvest the power of the sun and look attractive. The VIA(...)
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SOURCING at MAGIC’s Fashion Trade Show with 3D Printing

3D printing is hitting the fashion industry. After Iris van Herpen, pioneered 3D printed fashion, many other worldwide designers have embarked themselves on the adventure. Examples include South African designer Michaella Janse van Vuuren, British designer Catherine Wales and Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço. Brands including Nike, Adidas and Victoria Secret are also well known for(...)
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