3D Virtual Reality Goggles at GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show

In the future of design and the painting of fabrics may be done in an alternate virtual reality such as the ones being created by ill Oculus RIFT. By putting on the goggles the designer enters the 3 dimensional studios where they can design, paint, and create the clothing in their imagination. Draping on a(...)
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The Exmobaby Suit

A new baby suit with built-in ‘biosensors’ could take some of the anxiety out of parenting – letting parents know WHY their baby is crying. The Exmobaby suit has a thermometer, heart rate monitor and movement sensor built into the fabric. The gadget builds up a picture of the child’s ‘mood’ – and lets parents(...)
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Framed Is Pitching its Digital Picture Frames and Art Marketplace

The idea of a digital photo frame is hardly new, and the idea of having one connected to the internet has also been seen before. Indeed, Electric Objects launched its EO1 digital photo frame on Kickstarter already this month and now Framed wants to get in on the action by attempting to raise $75,000 with its own crowdfunding campaign. Launching(...)
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Meizu Raises more than US$300 million, Valued at over US$3 billion

Meizu, the Chinese smartphone maker, disclosed today that the company had raised more than RMB2 billion (more than US$300 million) at a valuation of more than RMB20 billion (more than US$3 billion). The very first round of funding had been closed by the end of the June, according to the company, which began in early this(...)
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Alibaba’s China E-commerce Crown Slips – BoF

Alibaba is now battling rivals on multiple fronts. Alongside JD.com, heading for a $1.5 billion IPO of its own in the U.S., are well-funded vehicles like household appliance retailer Suning Commerce Group Co Ltd and Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s grocery retailer Yihaodian. Smaller niche players like cosmetics specialist Vipshop Holdings Ltd are also growing in stature.(...)
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Xiaomi Unveils $13 Fitness Band

Popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has joined the wearables fray as it unveiled today its very first wearable device, a fitness band for only CNY79 ($13). The Mi Band features sensors for tracking various health metrics and can even act as an alarm clock. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun took to the stage today to show off(...)
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iBook: UP! Plus 2 – 3D Printer Startup Guide

New York, NY – As fashion and technology merge together and designers become more empowered with affordable technology, 3D Printers in your office studio to create buttons, zippers, accessories, and custom belt buckles will become as normal as paper printer. We recommend the UP! 3D Printer by TierTime because of it’s lightweight, plug and play(...)
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The Lust List: What We’re Shopping For

  Printed t-shirt and trumpet skirt by Choies, Earrings by Les Nereides, iPhone 5 case by Moschino, socks by ModCloth, sunglasses by Versace, sneakers by Marc Jacobs, clutch by Yazbukey Honestly, we are never not shopping for something to re-boot our wardrobes. From crazy clutches to insane ices, we’re pretty much on the prowl all day,(...)
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Technology and Fashion: Storming the Maisons | The Economist

But the disruptive notions went well beyond the idea of the internet as a shop window. There was much discussion of what role 3D printing might mean for luxury. Is it just for producing prototypes, or could it be used to fashion final products, or at least bits of them? What will happen to Swiss(...)
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Fashion, Style and Elegance in Women Over 60 – Chapter 1 – Beautiful AND Old

Women of a “certain age”… what a dislikeable euphemism! The purpose of this book is, in principle, to re-evaluate the rôle and significance of senior women in present-day society, physical appearance included… since we can’t all be be James Dean or Marilyn Monroe, the “trend” is to die at a later age, life expectancy having(...)
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